…a sign of a season past…

25 Nov

…Fall is no longer here…as you can see in these pics on a couple of our Holmes-Schwanski nights we were just in sweatshirts…we grilled, we laughed, we played, we danced, rode bikes…this was really only a few weeks ago, a month or month and half ago tops I would say, and now it is freezing!!  Winter coats, gloves, scarves…it’s cold!

So, Summer was warm and nice…then we got a little teaser of Fall…

Chris in tree knocking out branches for our fire on Holmes-Schwanski night:) He's a little daring if I say so!

So, we got the branches...having our get-togethers always brings out interesting, fun times for us:)

We had to wear light jackets or sweatshirts, but it felt so refreshing…a little break from the heat…

Michael, Colin, and Gage rode around in our wide driveway...

Gage, Michael, Colin all so cute:)

See we love sweatshirt weather...:)

Then, after the above nights it got even warmer and here we are again on another Holmes-Schwanski night in t-shirts!

Amanda and Steve, well, they were just in their element loving the music...like, for real, they were rocking:)

As the night wore on the warm temps stayed and Colin got in the music mix…

Colin and Michael both love to rock and I really think they are mini-superstars:)

But, alas, all good things must come to end:)  I have to say I’m a little excited for some winter weather adventures as we always seem to experience some fun different things with the new season…we’ll have to wait and see!!!


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