…a shooting star!

21 Nov

Yesterday morning Steve and I awoke early and went hunting…Steve with a gun, me with a camera:)  I forgot to buy a license but wanted to sit out and enjoy the beauty of watching the sunrise and be with my hubby…

We arrived...the moon was bright, the stars beautiful...and it was cold! 🙂

We sat out and waited for the sun…it was pretty foggy throughout the morning…Steve saw two shooting stars and I saw the second one he saw…it was so amazingly bright and so neat to see together!

Some of the view I saw from my vantage point of where we were sitting…

The fog would come and go...it was beautifully spooky...

This view was behind me...you could hear little field mice everywhere...they are loud little creatures...

We didn’t see any deer, so, we eventually headed out…seeing the shooting star together made the morning though and was worth our hands freezing!

We decided to call it a morning and head to breakfast...love the view on the way out:)

No, seriously I loved the view:)

This field is just so peaceful...love shooting these views:)


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