…WHEEL – OF – FORTUNE!!! Thinking outside of the box…

17 Nov

…so, Gage had an idea…I wasn’t using one of the racks on my new purse rack, so, I was like play with it as much as you want.  He thought of a game…I added dollar amounts just on ripped up paper towels…taped them to the “spokes”…then we taped a straw in between two of the spokes – once spun whomever this straw pointed at got the dollar amount with corresponding “prize”…then to make the spokes click when spun we taped like 5 straws to the side of the leg of one of our bookcases, and there you go, our version of WHEEL OF FORTUNE!  He played with me…he played the next day with Steve…it was actually a great use of his imagination and we had fun:)  Check out the creation…

Stuffed animals were our audience...and our contestants at times:) You can see the yellow straw too.

This is the top view of the game...love being creative...love the boys thinking outside of the box!!!


One Response to “…WHEEL – OF – FORTUNE!!! Thinking outside of the box…”

  1. d. strouse November 25, 2010 at 10:27 am #

    Gage, you are soooooooo…clever:)

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