…a weird little story with a cool find!

15 Nov

…so, like I said yesterday, we had our little day outing…well, on our way to Lunker’s we passed this little tiny building with a sign that said “Crafts” and “Open”…on the way home we drove past it, but Steve was like, “Hey, why don’t we turn around and go back…you never know, there could be something good in there”.  We pulled in the drive, and when I say there was a sign that said “Open” it was a big NEON RED sign that said OPEN…not some handwritten little note…it was bright and big:)  The door was locked though, so, as we were jiggling the door handle thinking it was just stuck an old woman swung the door open from the inside…”Oh, I keep forgetting that I have that sign on…I haven’t had this place open in years”…then I thought “Oh, boy, TWILIGHT ZONE…we’re going to get murdered”…ok, I didn’t quite think that, but it was weird:)  She was like, “Come on in…look around”…there were crafts in there…probably from 15 years ago at least…(chuckle), but she was so little and sweet, we looked.  Steve then came across the below…perfect for hanging my purses he thought – I agreed!  We gave her $10 bucks, and whaaalaaa…

...love my purses!:)

...probably don't need any more, uh?! 🙂

Love this though!  It works perfect, the different levels spin for easy access, and such a space saver!


One Response to “…a weird little story with a cool find!”

  1. d. strouse November 16, 2010 at 2:56 am #

    That does look like a good idea for your purses:) Easy to see everything! That is a funny story:)

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