…A little day outing…

14 Nov

…so, we (the boys, Steve, and I) all hopped into the Jeep this morning and headed out to Edwardsburg, MI…Lunker’s is there with live fish, alligator, spiders, lizards, eels, turtles and stuffed wildlife.  They have fishing gear, hunting gear, camping gear, you name it.  Cabella’s and The Pro Bass Shop (can’t remember if that’s technically have the correct name) may be fancier, but this has character:)

We arrived…

The big fish on the sign moves...I have to learn that the sun should not be behind the subjects when taking the pics:)

A close-up…

...still can't see, but you get the point:)

…we ran around the store looking at everything, and there is a ton of stuff…the boys loved this big fish breaking through the wall…

Gage and I thought it would be great if they had a slide coming out of the fish's mouth or maybe a waterfall you could slide down into a big pool:) Wishful thinking, but hey, you gotta wish:)

…as we looked around the boys found the ice fishing huts and, yes, they want one…something new Steve and I want to do…remember Grumpy Old Men?  Yea, they were ice fishing…I’ve always wanted to do it after seeing that moons ago…

...the boys wanted to stay overnight in this thing I swear:)

…another one…

...a little blurry pic, but this tent is bigger...

…then (and I wish I had a better pic of this) we ate at the restaurant there…it’s like a rain forest…they have thunder going off in the distance, twinkle lights in greenery above you, and we sat at a HUGE fish tank to eat with eels and other bizarre fish…so, so cool…the boys were just on fire being here!

This pic shows Garret with a cute smile...Steve not so much:)...soooo, I took another...see below...then Garret wasn't so cute, but Steve and Gage were:) Ahhhh...I have got to learn to take my time before snapping the pics...

This is better:)

…then our food arrived and my Cobb salad with HUGE…

...dramatic shot of how big I thought my salad was:)

After buying some Jolly Rancher suckers and a little toy Pug stuffed animal for Gage we got back on the road home…tomorrow I am going to post about the cool buy we bought for me…

What a lovely morning for “a little day outing”:)


One Response to “…A little day outing…”

  1. d.strouse November 16, 2010 at 8:34 am #

    Looks like a fun day:) Pics are fun! We love looking at them!!

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