…Open Wide!

10 Nov

How cute are these boys in their shades at the dentist today:)  I’ve never taken the boys to their dentist appointments…Steve always does, but he had to be at work this morning.  I was able to just go in late to work, and I’m glad I did.  I really enjoyed the experience:)

The shades are to keep the light out of the boys eyes.  They actually had two shades on Garret, but he didn’t like the one so he took those off.  He ended up just shutting his eyes as he was trying to keep them open and they started watering…I said just relax and shut  your eyes which he did and then he almost fell asleep in the chair and I’m not joking…very cute:)  He kept stretching…he said to me, “What a busy day already!”:)  Seriously, I almost lost it;D  p.s.  Garret only has two more baby teeth to lose.

Garret lookin' sharp at his 6 month cleaning:)

Then it was Gage’s turn…he’s a little more nervous in general…poor guy…he’s like my brother…he always has more done to him…filling a cavity, sealing one that’s already there, X-rays…yep…those baby teeth just genetically wreck havoc for him.  p.s.  He has 10 more baby teeth to lose.  Those adult teeth will be better!  Russell’s were.

Gage looking like he's going on a roller coaster ride gripping those chair arms the way he is:) We talked it out and he made it through it all! He's a brave soul!!


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