…practically vintage Matchbox cars:)

30 Oct

Our not so stylish Matchbox cars growing up:)

Got to my parents house last night and we all just had so much fun…we can’t wait to see Amy and Walker…Russ stopped by briefly last night…the boys are having fun exploring the house and looking at different toys than they have.  My mom saved alot of our toys just for occasions like this!  Russ had lots of Matchbox cars and Gage found those:)  My mom says, “Yea, they just don’t make those cars like they used to” (meaning they were made out of a heavier metal mainly – tougher than now…at least they seem that way) and Gage, not understanding the meaning my mom was getting at says, “Yea, they make them more stylish now”…we all got a kick out of that:D  LOL!


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