…you can’t beat this

26 Oct

This is by far my favorite post to write to date.  It’s a beautiful fall, unseasonably, warm night tonight and as we’re heading into church Gage looks up at me and says, “Sarah, this really has to be my favorite thing I own because it’s all about God.”  (see picture below) There is nothing that will top that for a “moment 2 remember”.  Each Monday night as we attend church I can see him open up to his class and to knowing more of the Bible.  There is nothing more I want in life than to have each of my step-children know the Lord in a personal way…nothing!  Every challenge they will face in life, every happy memory they make, if walking next to the Lord will make it easier for them and eternally they will be forever happy.  Each day I pray for them that they do not lose sight of knowing Him.  I love you, boys!  Lord, please protect their hearts, please hold them close to You, and help me be a better example each day…Love, Sarah


Gage's Sweet Children's Devotional Bible



One Response to “…you can’t beat this”

  1. Jen October 26, 2010 at 10:59 am #

    That is awesome! You’re a fantastic mom, Sarah!

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