Silver Lake – A Soon to be Tradition

26 Sep

Well, I decided to start a blog today…been meaning to for awhile as I love to go read about 2 or 3 others regularly on my own.  ‘moments 2 remember’ are exactly what I want to post…we’ll see how it goes:)  I love, absolutely love, the memories we had at Silver Lake this year…the boys had so much fun, and Steve was such an awesome driver.  I was on such a high from riding in the Jeep…who knew you could have so much fun??!!  The boys are absolutely adorable in this pic and it captures their sweetness.  They are growing so fast and already look so much older than just a few months ago.  I’ll never forget this and have a feeling traveling there will be a tradition each year:)

Silver Beach - 2010


One Response to “Silver Lake – A Soon to be Tradition”

  1. Kristi Soraghan October 18, 2010 at 2:00 am #

    Hi Sarah!

    I LOVE your blog! What a great way to capture moments 🙂 And a great way to stay in touch…hope you are feeling better every day! 🙂 See you soon,


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